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Hi Everyone,

Because I’m nice, I’m going to make Christmas really easy for you this year. Why don’t you just buy all your presents from one website, there – I’m a genius. But before you click over to Amazon, let me just hit you with a few facts.

97% of people love to wear tee shirts. 

I’m making those figures up but for everyone skimming the headlines they’ll never know. Here’s another one.

Market Research says “Tee shirts make the best Christmas presents.”

I think the quotes were a nice touch there, makes it seem real. Fake news is so easy. Here’s my last one and I’m pushing my luck here.

Skwiggles voted best Tee Shirt site in the UK

I’ve gone too far.

But here’s something that’s actually true.
Our ongoing massive £5 tee-shirt sale

Here’s the link.


Again, they’re all brand new but the ones for £5 are the old Anvil ones which are now discontinued. Unfortunately, I can’t accept returns on these unless you think they’re damaged or some other good reason. I’ve hidden them away from those nasty non-subscribers at the bottom of our catalogue

And here’s this week’s coupon code for £3 off all adult tees and hoodies.

£3 off coupon : X9QT3H34

Skwiggles Best Sellers This Year

To help you decide which ones to buy, here’s a list of the top ten best sellers on the website this year. This is a genuine list just in case you don’t trust me now.  Number one is Angus.

1 . Angus

The Whole Lotta Rosie live ‘If you want blood’ album version, of course. There has been a bit of debate online about whether I missed a chord off the end, but according to my book or chords, DHRRDHR is two chords played fast.

2. Dr Who Theme Tune

Another musical one in second place. Again, there is some online debate about the tune, but this is the Tom Baker theme tune and not any of the fancy modern ones and I don’t think it’s a dude-de-bum or a da-da-da, it’s definitely um-ba da-bum.

3. Dave Grohl

I have to admit most of the tee shirts I sell are to men, apart from this one. Dave Grohl is a big hit with the girls. I need to work on this in order to impress the other 50% of the world. Although, I’ve never been able to do that.

4. Lemmy

Never mind he was a rock legend, he chained smoked and drank a bottle of Jack Daniels every day for most of his life and he lived until he was 70, now that’s an achievement.

5. Jurgen Klopp

Sold plenty of these around the 25th June even though I drew it optimistically around November last year. 

6. What a Ledge

This took me ages to draw.

7. Bon Scott

Like No. 6, Bon is another rock ledge (see what I did there). Bon defined what an early rock and roll lifestyle should be, which unfortunately meant dying at 33. Let there be Rock is one of my favourites. 

8. Triumph Bonneville

Didn’t know this until I wikipedia-ed, 5 seconds ago, but the name Bonneville derives from the Bonneville Salt Flats in the US where Triumph attempted to break the motorbike speed record. Everyone probably knew that but I like to share stuff that people already know.

9. Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott’s bass, it’s a thing of beauty.  And yes, the jailbreak probably happened in the jail.

10 I’ll handle this

When I was 4 I could take on any of these baddies, now my back’s a bit dodgy so I’m not so sure.
Thanks for reading.

Have a good weekend.

All the best,

12 Nov 20

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