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Hi, it’s Ian again, from Skwiggles. Thanks to everyone for not unsubscribing again and thanks for buying stuff.

I moved into a new office, which is exciting, for me, not you, but I’ll show you a photo anyway.
I put a few of my old paintings on the walls to make it look less officey and more creativey.

That’s Angus on the left having a duel with the devil because I like ‘The Devil went down to Georgia’ song and I thought Angus could definitely kick the devil’s butt. 

From this painting I did the Angus tee shirt.

The middle one is my ‘I’ll Handle this’ painting, with a few famous baddies in the background and me as a four-year-old with the wooden sword. I could’ve taken them back then, probably not now.

Then I was inspired to do a simplified version for a tee shirt

Then I went crazy and did a Dr Who version

And, top left is Obi-Wan with Vader in the back. He’s having a moment of doubt about whether he should let Vader kill him. I hope he doesn’t.

I don’t have a tee shirt for this one
Now that I’m in explaining mode, thought I might give you the crack about some of my other tee shirt designs

This is from Breaking Bad.

Walter has just saved Jesse from certain death from two thugs. He finishes them off and looks up and says ‘Run’

I’m making it sound crap but it was great.

This one’s self-explanatory and probably happening all over the country right now.

Our heating is on. I can’t walk passed the radiators without getting third-degree burns.

From Withnail and I. It’s bonkers. Richard E Grant is bonkers.

But last night I fancied a beer and looked in the fridge in the garage – nothing. Not a thing. So I relate.

Did a quick sketch of Eddie Van Halen, just because he was one of the guitar greats and could play a load of other instruments as well
Thanks for reading. and more importantly thanks for buying my stuff.

Have a good weekend.

All the best,

23 Oct 20

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