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Hi, it’s Ian again, from Skwiggles. 

Today I’m going to go crazy and have the biggest tee shirt sale you’ve ever seen.** Yep, you’re gonna love it.

Really love it.
Stay calm, because if you think that was good the next bit is really going to get you going –

Most of the tees are £5

God, have I turned into Salesy McSaleFace

Quite a lot of the tee shirts (this is me being normal now) are stock from the market stalls I used to do before a thing called coronavirus turned up, you’ve probably heard of it.

So I thought I’d let you have them for a fiver. They’re all brand new but the ones for £5 are the old Anvil ones which are now discontinued. They’re great tee shirts, so even if you think the designs are cack, buy it and wear it inside out. 

Unfortunately, I can’t accept returns on these unless you think they’re damaged or some other good reason. I’ve hidden them away from those nasty non-subscribers at the bottom of our catalogue

Here’s the link, just scroll down from there. You can’t use the larger image option, because these are already printed.


(** on the Skwigles website today)
I put another painting up in the office. Here’s it is:

I felt sorry for my bins one night and wondered if they had dreams. I think I was coming back from the pub which explains my bin empathy. These are not my bins by the way, we have been upgraded to wheelies even though I live in the backside of Cumbria.

This inspired me to do this One Day tee shirt.

I’m going to explain a few of my designs that I don’t sell many of, probably because they don’t make any sense to anyone except me.

Okay, that is not a snake, it’s a worm and the man is supposed to be coming through a wormhole. I thought of someone digging a hole in his garden and following a worm, when he appeared he assume he was in a different year or part of the universe, having come through a wormhole. Let’s move on.

This is a very niche audience. You need to like Tony Hart from the 70s and you need to like Alien films. I’ve discovered very few people fit that group.

This is the alien xenomorph

And this is Morph.

Next please.

This is Adam Ant from the early 80s and he has Wolverine’s claws which are made of – here’s the big finish – Adamantium. Sew your sides back up right now.

Spoiler Alert: I was disappointed with the end of Lord of the Rings, I read it when I was about 12, I’ve watched all the films several times, but it still bugs me that there’s no big fight between Frodo and Sauron. And which film ending would not be made better by Jack Nicholson axing through a door. This is a Lord of the Rings/ Shining mash-up.
I’ll leave you with a more relevant one, thought up when I was doing the dishes after a Sunday dinner in March.

Here’s a sketch I did last night of Bobby Ball, used to love them two. 

And if you want a laugh, here’s a link to Bobby at his best with Status Quo (thanks Stephen Chadwick for telling me about that).

Thanks for reading. and more importantly thanks for buying my stuff.

Have a good weekend.

All the best,

30 Oct 20

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