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Hi, it’s me again

First of all

Hope lockdown has started well for you. I must admit it hasn’t changed much for me, because I sit in my office drawing and printing tee shirts, so think I’ll just carry on doing that.

Tried to have a go at video this week, it didn’t go too well. Discovered I can’t really talk and draw. I had a go at Eddie from Iron Maiden, well Eddie’s head anyway. You’ll need to turn the sound up if you want to hear what that mumbly noise in the background is saying.
Me drawing Eddie’s head 
I’ve added more tee shirts to the massive £5 tee shirt sale

Again, they’re all brand new but the ones for £5 are the old Anvil ones which are now discontinued. Unfortunately, I can’t accept returns on these unless you think they’re damaged or some other good reason. I’ve hidden them away from those nasty non-subscribers at the bottom of our catalogue

Here’s the link, just scroll down from there. You can’t use the larger image option, because these are already printed.


Also, here’s this week’s coupon code for £3 off all adult tees and hoodies.

£3 off coupon : BDVTAU26

If Christmas is still happening this year, I have a few old Christmas cards that I used to sell at craft fairs years ago. So if you buy anything and you want one of these cards FREE, either leave a message at the checkout or send me an email and I’ll slot it in the parcel for you.

There aren’t many so I hope it doesn’t ruin your Christmas if the one you want is gone. All I’ve done is bung a Santa hat on people, so don’t get too excited.

Here they are.

My daughter used to wander around the house on her iPad talking to her friends. I have a lock and six feet of barbed wire outside the bathroom now.

My argument to my wife is, do you want me to take off more clothes or do you want to put some on? She always puts more on. This inspired this tee shirt

Don’t trust them, Mums and Dads, they tell lies. I have a tee for this as well, right here

The Christmas Day board game, just because there’s supposed to be goodwill knocking about, don’t let that affect your strategy. Stay strong. 

I prefer chewing off my arm than trying to get those little monkeys to bed on Christmas Eve. This design I convert to this on the website

3.00pm Christmas Day ‘Let’s go and get some fresh air, let your dinner drop.’ Then your children’s legs crumple as if they’ve been taken out by a sniper.

Our dog hates most things, but especially Christmas.

Anyway, sorry to bring up Christmas, but let me know if you want any of them.
Thanks for reading and hope you’re coping with lockdown.

Have a good weekend.

All the best,

6 Nov 20

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