See those two characters above, they bought Skwiggles hoodies online and were so happy look what happened to them.

So be careful when your parcel comes in the post. I advise you not to open them at funerals or when visiting a sick friend, because it might give the wrong impression.

Explosive bursts of sheer joy have to be handled with care.

Here’s what we’ve been doing the last couple of weeks

Some of Our Designs

We have loads of designs and we’re adding more every day, so please keep checking back. Or message us and make a suggestion.

Prepare to be excited – for all our skwiggles click this photo of attractive people wearing our stuff.

New stuff every weekday on Instagram

This is where we test out our designs and see if people like them. If they get through the Instagram test they will eventually make it onto this site.

About Skwiggles

This is the very first skwiggle.

It started with a game my daughter plays. She covers her eyes and then asks ‘Are my eyes closed or open?’ Whatever I say, it’s always the opposite.

So I drew the sheep and asked her ‘What’s this?’

‘It’s a sheep obviously, Dad.’

‘No, it’s a cloud with a sheep behind it, so nerrr.’ 

I’m occasionally childish.

Then I saw the toughest bird in the world standing in the garden and I skwiggled again.

Then I kept going.

That is the brief history of Skwiggles, a moving story I know.