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I actually laughed out loud reading this- slightly embarrassing as I was in the checkout line at my local Tesco! Just gives confirmation that I’m slightly strange, so no dramas there! Keep up the good work! (Glad you weren’t attacked by a brontosaurus! )

Oh my ?? brilliant, love to hear about your take on daily life with your sidekick Norman .. hilarious! Look forward to many more . Thanks & kind regards from Northumberland ??

I love reading your tales each week they give me a giggle and I look forward to them.

Skwiggles is just me and my wife Diane.

Me thinking of silly things and drawing things I like and putting them on tees, hoodies, posters etc, and Diane, keeping you happy and me organized.

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  • Christingle


    Christingle When the kids were teeny weeny little toddlers and we were still in our overprotective phase of parenting, we took them to Christingle at the local church, because it seemed like a Christmassy thing to do. Little did we

  • Norman’s Walk – Chapter 1

    Norman’s Walk – Chapter 1

    Norman’s Walk – Chapter 1 I’ve had a lot of people say I should write a book about Norman’s Walks. I wasn’t sure what anyone really wanted or meant by that, but as usual, I decided to be undeterred by

  • Running Away from Home

    Running Away from Home

    Running Away from Home Thought I’d tell you about the time I ran away from home to live in a graveyard. I was about 6 and, yes, it took me a long time to grow into that head. I ran

  • A Four-Scone Day

    A Four-Scone Day

    A Four-Scone Day I took me mam on a day trip to Edinburgh last week to see my daughter, Hannah. We went by train. No, we went by four trains, three lifts, two taxis, an escalator… And yes, there were

  • I Disfigured My Boss

    I Disfigured My Boss

    I Disfigured My Boss This post comes with a warning – saving the environment can be dangerous. Many years ago, before I started Skwiggles, I worked at the local factory. As far as I could tell, my job was to

  • Things I want to believe – Forests can think

    Things I want to believe – Forests can think

    Things I want to believe – Forests can think Trees can communicate with each other, we all know that. FYI that sketch is stupid because they haven’t got a larynx nor a means to blow air across it, have they,

  • Lifechanging Childhood Discoveries

    Lifechanging Childhood Discoveries

    Just thought I tell you about a few things from my childhood that I know to be absolute fact and incredibly useful, just so they can help you in your life. Before parents cared and stairgates, stairs hurt. The word

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