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I actually laughed out loud reading this- slightly embarrassing as I was in the checkout line at my local Tesco! Just gives confirmation that I’m slightly strange, so no dramas there! Keep up the good work! (Glad you weren’t attacked by a brontosaurus! )

Oh my ?? brilliant, love to hear about your take on daily life with your sidekick Norman .. hilarious! Look forward to many more . Thanks & kind regards from Northumberland ??

I love reading your tales each week they give me a giggle and I look forward to them.

Skwiggles is just me and my wife Diane.

Me thinking of silly things and drawing things I like and putting them on tees, hoodies, posters etc, and Diane, keeping you happy and me organized.

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Here’s the latest posts from the Friday email

  • Family Walk

    Family Walk

    Family Walk The highlight of my week is a nice walk with the family. I don’t know why it is, because, although it’s better now, I remember the teenage years, and the shadow it cast. That was some time travel

  • Norman in Town

    Norman in Town

    Norman in Town There were a couple of serious incidents this week in town involving Norman. That sketch is not 100% accurate, we don’t live in Tokyo and Norman isn’t Godzilla. The first incident was when I was passing the

  • Norman’s Walk – April 2024

    Norman’s Walk – April 2024

    Here’s what me and Norman have been up to in April. Have a great weekend. Take care and all the best, Ian (If you want to leave a comment below, that would be great)

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