Skwiggles Suggestion Page

Hi Everyone,

I get quite a few suggestions each week, which I appreciate, so I thought I would log them in a more organised way. And this is my attempt.

So if you could type in your suggestion below, each week I will select one from the list, sketch it and bung it on a t shirt on the Customer Suggestion Page.

Hope that’s okay.

If you could let me know your email, I'll contact you when it's done. Thanks. (I won't use it for spamming, don't worry).

Here’s what’s on the Suggestions Page at the moment

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson
  • Brandon Flowers - The Killers
    Brandon Flowers – The Killers
  • OutKast - Roses
    OutKast – Roses
  • David Bowie - The Thin White Duke
    David Bowie – The Thin White Duke
  • Bryan Ferry - Roxy Music
    Bryan Ferry – Roxy Music
  • Brad Paisley
    Brad Paisley
  • Gary Numan
    Gary Numan
  • Amy Winehouse
    Amy Winehouse
  • Elvis Costello
    Elvis Costello