Become a Skwiggles Artist

I was wondering if you wanted to become a Skwiggles Artist and sell your designs on the Skwiggles site?

To do this, I was proposing an online 7 weeks drawing course (videos, text downloads, personal feedback) and at the end of the course you get a t-shirt with your design and a page on the Skwiggles website for you to upload and sell your designs.

The course will look something like this:

Week 1 – All about the eyes, and a bit about the nose – I have an easy way to get this right.
Week 2 – More detailed drawing.
Week 3 – Bodies and scribbling
Week 4 – Guitars – you have to get these right or you will be in trouble with the fans
Week 5 – Inking
Week 6 – tutorial (you need a tablet or computer)
Week 7 –  Putting it all together ready for uploading to the site.

Then you get the T-shirt with your sketch on it.

After you’ve finished the course, you’re ready to sell T-Shirts on our site.

Whenever you produce a new design we will upload it to your page. It will be promoted on our weekly newsletter. The newsletter has 35,000 subscribers and the newsletter is also promoted on our Facebook page which has 24,000 followers. You will also be able to upload to our Skwiggles Facebook Group.

Look, I know how you’re feeling right now

And it gets better. For every Tee/hoodie sale you make on the site, you get £7 and we get £2 (for uploading and page maintenance) – the rest, unfortunately, goes to printing and postage.

And you also get the standard membership features.

  • £36 off coupon to spend on our designs on the site every year.
  • £5 off coupon when you spend £50 or more
  • £15 off one off sketches
  • Free lyrics change customization worth £10
  • Your suggestions take priority on the to-do list
  • Limited edition sketches and T-Shirt only for you
  • Members-only weekly newsletter
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Priority Postage
  • Free drawing advice after you’ve finished the course.
  • More details here

The Course will be £70, and then the Artist Membership, with all the above benefits, including your page on our site, will be £10/month after that.

So, if you sell one T-shirt a month, together with all the discount codes used throughout the year, this will pay for your membership fees.

The course will be available from the beginning of May. The £10/month for membership is optional afterward.

If you have any thoughts about this, I'd be glad to hear them

Thank you. Hope you think it’s a good idea.

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