David Gilmour

He’s been described as the missing link between Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen, not as flashy as Jimi or as fast as Eddie, but everyone who knows anything about guitars can recognise his solos from a long way away.

David Gilmour Results So Far (updated 11/06/24)

On Stage Charisma5.08/10
Off Stage Shinanigans3.33/10
Skwiggles Popularity4.00/10
Total70.83 %

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We need speed, accuracy and the ability to make us all throw our heads back and scream 'There is a GOD.'
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Riffs, rhythm, and general backbone umphiness. The rhythm section is the driving force of any band, can they do it or are they just a soloing show off?
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Would you associate this person with novelty and introducing something new? Or do they just do what they do?
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Can they play three chords and move their fingers fast, or is there some depth? Can they play different genres?
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We need someone to look good on stage, some spark to get us off our seats, posing, ecstatic exprerssions while whizzing down the fretboard, that sort of thing.
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Rock stars need to be stars, they need to live the dream so we can through them. Tellys through the window, tight pants, fun with whichever gender they want to have fun with, all at once all of the time. Or maybe they're just too cool to through things out of windows.
Selected Value: 4
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