16 April 21 – The Infinite Monkey Cage

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re having another good week.

I’m still listening to podcasts in the vain hope of suddenly becoming clever. This week I listened to the Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox.

He told me I live in a dark box, which I thought was a bit rude, I’ve got a couple of bedrooms and a garden, and to be honest, it’s quite light and airy sometimes.

Turns out he was referring to my brain, which I also took offense at

Just because I haven’t got a fancy smile. Moving on. Apparently, the world outside my box (he’s right there, my bonse is a bit angular) is all completely made up by our brains. Which is a bit of a shocker.

Our brains live in dark, soundless boxes (aka our skulls) and take in chunks of energy from the outside via our senses. We have sight, which is light reflected off objects into our eyes; we have sound, which is an oscillation of air at various frequencies into our ears; we have drums, wait, that’s AC/DC.

Without our brains sensing things and converting them into our reality, the universe is really just a swirling mass of particles, energy and mostly empty space. Given that information, here’s a scientifically correct picture I’ve just drawn of my back garden, yes I have a back garden Brian (angry face emoji).

Here’s another one I’ve just done of the sun setting over the Grand Canyon.

This newfound scientific knowledge is going to revolutionize my drawing process and really speed things up. For all those waiting for the Madonna tee, here she is doing Like a Virgin.


So, after all this in-depth science, you be wanting to know the answer to the classic question, does a falling tree make a sound in the woods if there’s no one there to hear?

The answer is: no.

If there are no ears to interpret the air vibrations of the falling tree as sound, then there will be no sound just a load of useless vibrations. If there was no one there to see the tree falling, or feel it falling, or smell it falling, or even taste it falling, does it actually exist?

You being inquisitive people, I went out there into the world for answers.

But tasting a falling tree is tricky. Looks a bit strange that sketch, sorry. But I assure you it was consentual.

Not sure I’ve solved anything here, but all I can say is I know from personal experience it is possible that things exist without being perceived, I have been a father for 20 years.

That’s it once again.

Here’s my final sketch. It’s an interpretive and symbolic representation of the difficulty of being a sentient being who has embraced the concept of communication with juveniles in the modern world.

But who cares, you’re not listening (thanks if you did scroll down this far).

Enjoy your weekend

Take care and all the best,


16 April 21 – The Infinite Monkey Cage

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