23 April 21 – The Shower

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re having another great week.

This week I have to speak out about a serious issue. This:

What’s all that stuff? You’ll notice, in the right corner, my cold tar and coconuty Alberto Balsam, but to the left there’s a confusing array of bottles containing potions that I’m too scared to touch.

This morning, I plucked up the courage and dug deep. As well as 5 different delicious-sounding flavours of shampoo (I tasted them all, they’re yummy), there’s several conditioners that I always steer clear of because they make me look like this

I’m the dandelion on the right. After conditioning, one gust of wind and I’m completely bald, so I stopped using it.

Then I found natural serums in the pile that get rid of sulfates and parabens. I don’t know about you but I didn’t realise I had a sulfate and paraben problem, but I’m assuming if I wear my mask and keep 2 metres away from them I’ll be okay.

I thought I’d include a sketch of a paraben, just so you can avoid them. Sorry, I don’t look to be 2 metres apart there, but I was angry.

If you look at the above sketch again, you will notice how radiant and shiny my hair looks, and you know why? You’re right, I did sneak a blob of Renewing and Seductive Moroccan Argan Oil on that day. Delightful isn’t it. Here’s a close up.

Don’t think for a moment that I just decided to write this while having a shower this morning, because that’s totally un…


However, this morning while rubbing my coal tar around, I did think to myself, stuff this, why shouldn’t I look awesome for a change. So I slapped the lot of it on my bonse. 

It was amazing.

The de-frizzer worked a treat, as did the volumizer and the ginseng hair de-shredder.  Then the conditioner helped to soften the de-frizzer, the bamboo charcoal and baobab oil counteracted the excess volumizing of the volumizer and the tea tree tingle provided a soothing re-shredding action.

I came out of that shower with hair that looked absolutely… exactly the same as it’s been for the last 30 years. Result. 
Check me out (Sorry about the nudey sketch).

That’s it once again.

But if you thought the shower was a problem, then I have an equally distressing issue to leave you with

What is going on there? (And I’m not talking about the delightful portrait)

This week I’m going undercover (very sorry) to find out more. 

Enjoy your weekend

Take care and all the best,


23 April 21 – The Shower

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