I took a deep dive into some serious data this week, just to help you out.

In 2022 retail spending on Father’s Day was estimated to be £951 million. Now I don’t expect you to spend all that at Skwiggles, after all, he needs some new socks. But once you’ve finished in M&S feel free to pop back and spend the rest here.

More money is spent on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day? That can’t be right. Surely children appreciate their fathers as much as their mothers. I mean, who would you sit and watch telly with? Who laughs when you fart? Who… no, can’t think of anything else

ChatGPT here:Fifty percent of fathers said they sometimes get Father’s Day gifts they don’t want. There are 1.5 billion fathers worldwide, so that’s a lot of upset people.

The average spend for Father’s Day is £24. Skwiggles T-Shirts are only £22, so I’ve calculated by crunching unbelievable amounts of data that is a bargain.

Don’t upset 750,000,000 dads on Father’s Day
I hope that helps. I’ll hand you back to that primitive bag of flesh, Ian

Thanks ChatGPT 
2 June 2023 – Father’s Day 1

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