Not sure you remember, but we have another dog, Lizzi. Here she is:

Diane says I haven’t mentioned her much since we got Norman, and it’s true. The reason is this:

Walking isn’t usually her favourite thing to do. That’s a quick sketch of her outside our house, just setting off around the block.

On a walk, there are certain things she has to overcome. Firstly transitions.

She doesn’t like moving from one surface to another. For example, from a path to grass, from grass to tarmac, from tarmac to a big fat wobbly blancmange and a million others that I can’t think of. Grass has to be thoroughly assessed for thorns or thistles before stepping into the unknown.

Puddles, after a good sniff, are made of acid. And mud is that deadly stuff Tarzan fell into all the time in the 70s.

If I’m not paying attention and a crisp packet strays on to the path, this often happens.
She will not and it’s a complete outrage of you even to ask. If it’s been categorized as unsurmountable then it’s unsurmountable.

Pooing is a theatrical production, with dancers and choreography.
Usually taking place when we cross a road

I’ve pixelated to protect your sensitive eyes. And when it was over…

… I throw the flowers that I always carry with me for this purpose..

These are some of the reasons she’s not mentioned much, and why my walks are called Norman’s Walk. I walk Norman, and Diane walks Lizzi.

25 August 2023 – Lizzi

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