7 Jan 22 – Downton Abbey

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Our house has been infiltrated by the virus once again, which has inspired me to move into the world of motivational tee shirts.

When I say our house, I mean my daughter, the rest of us are fine which is good because I now have two jobs – Skwiggles Galactic Superhero (hope you like my new title) and  

My daughter is isolating upstairs and I’ve changed my notification sound on my phone to one of those servant’s bells on Downton Abbey.

Ding-a-ling, here she is again: ‘Do we have Mac and Cheese with a bowl of fries and some juice?’

‘Certainly madame. Dig out the fine china and the 3 tier cake stand, Mrs Hughes.’

My daughter is absolutely loving her isolation. She is lucky enough to only have a slight headache and she gets to lie on her bed all day. Some would say no change there, but not me.

Ding-a-ling: ‘I can’t taste anything, so maybe a Gregg’s steak bake and a Yum Yum would be better.’

‘Ready the horse and carriage, Mrs Hughes.’
This is not what we do at weekends, by the way, but I think we might start. 
‘What do you think Mrs Hughes?’

Maybe not then.

I got fully PPEd up this morning, took the perilous journey upstairs and glanced into her bedroom. Another bad idea.

Sorry Dante (and Satan) for that very poor depiction of hell. But if you look carefully amongst the devils and carnage, you can just about see her.

This heightened covid situation has forced me to do a lot of lateral flows this week. Here’s me outside Tescos

By the way, sorry UK for using all the lateral flows and being the cause of all those aggressive ‘No Lateral flows, buy something or %&*$£% off’ signs sellotaped to Chemist’s doors.

There’s good news though. Jenna’s isolation finishes today, which is incredibly timely because now she’s free to go to a Delta/Omicron Mash-up Party tomorrow night at the Sixth Form. Can’t wait.

That’s it once again.

My daughter thinks Norman’s got covid too. He’s been sick a lot this week, randomly when I take the first bite of my cheese and jam sarnie, and the other end’s been a little chicken korma-ry (sorry for that unnecessary detail there). But I did catch him eating one of his poo bags the other day which I thought was a great idea.

Pre-bagged, he’s a very thoughtful dog.

Have a great weekend.

Take care and all the best,Ian

7 Jan 22 – Downton Abbey

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