9 July 21 – Live till you’re 1000

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re having another great week
It was my birthday this week. Thanks, I know, 55, you wouldn’t believe it would you. I don’t look a day over… okay let’s move on.

Being 55, I thought to myself, better start doing some research into living forever before it’s too late. So I took to google.

And phew, it turns out, according to Aubrey de Grey, I’ve got at least 945 years left. What a relief, not forever but I’ll take it. So I’ve booked my 2966 holidays to Los Cabos, there’s some great deals online for advanced bookings.
 Aubrey de Grey has been to Cambridge (University, I hope, not just a day trip), he’s got a PhD; he’s Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation and co-author of the book Ending Aging. So he knows what he’s talking about. Here he is.

And yes, his beard is a 1000 years old already, so we’re halfway there.

Here’s his theory.

First of all, stay alive for another 30 years. So a bit more celery, and try and move off the sofa every now and again. Look I know it’s hard, but eyes on the prize. 

In those 30 years, technology will advance at such a pace that by the time we get to 80-odd, science will be able to keep us alive for another 30 years.

By the time we get to 110 there will be enough knowledge to keep us going for another 30 years. And we keep going. And science keeps going. We reach 140 and guess what? Science has bloody well beaten us there again.

According to Aubrey, this goes on until we’re about 1000 and then we fall down a lift shaft.

Or we get run over by a hovercar or be burnt to death by a stray Chinese lantern, doesn’t matter. When we’re about 1000 years old, again according to beardy know-it-all Aubrey, statistically speaking we would die by accident. In fact, by then, we’d only die by accident.

What would a world be like when you could only die by accident?. You’d be too frightened to cross the road or eat boney fish or punch Aubrey in the face, in case of a freak accident. And the longer you live the more chance that that’s going to happen. Unless Aubrey finds a cure for accidents. 

Wasn’t me.

I’m not sure I want to live in Aubrey’s world. I like crossing the road and eating fish and punching Aubrey in the face.

So, after all the googling, I think being 55’s okay for the time being, maybe I’ll give it about 12 months and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll pack a 1000 years into the next 30 instead. Wow, turned a bit Anthony Robbins there

Sorry about that.

That’s it once again.

Just to let you know, I really intended to put more work into the living forever research. I mean what better marketing plan is there than to have your customers buying off you for all eternity.

But I struggled to solve the problem of catalyzing degradation of tau aggregates. And deciding whether the removal of toxic oxysterols is a good treatment for atherosclerosis was a nightmare. Mainly because I didn’t read those articles and I’m thick.

And I was looking forward to retirement and spending 935 years driving at 20mph and dozing off in the conservatory, don’t think it’s going to happen.
Enjoy your weekend.

Take care and all the best,


9 July 21 – Live till you’re 1000

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