13 Aug 21 – Getting Organized

Hi Everyone,

After the chaos of our holidays last week, I thought, let’s get organized. As usual, I can best describe my vision of the future with a quick skwiggle.

So I read ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen, and god almighty does he know how to get things done. I immediately implemented all his ideas.

Firstly I identified my horizontal commitments

Quite a slice of the day that I’d already mastered.

Until I read on. Your horizontal commitments are your routine tasks, that distract your mind from its laser-like focus. You have to capture all your thoughts, stop your mind from wandering and losing its concentra…

Look, a butterfly, in the garden.

Better have a quick sketch of that…

Number 2: I need a robust filing system, for collecting all these thoughts I’m supposed to be having, and all the things I’m supposed to be doing and done.

At the moment I have a corner.

And a load of stuff in the loft. So if you’re wondering why I don’t sell any originals, now you know.

Next, I set up the perfect working environment for speed and efficiency.

Hope you haven’t forgotten about Norman. He’s getting bigger.

And when that was all done I clarified my outcomes. This involved a series of brainstorming and mind mapping sessions to find out what the hell I’m supposed to be doing. Here’s what I came up with.

The future of Skwiggles is securely mapped out, I think you’ll agree.

David Allen, if you’re reading this, calm down. Unless of course you’ve booked in a section of your day called ‘Be irate at idiots’ – then by all means continue.

Finally, I put into place a positive organizational culture for the management team to further sky-rocket productivity.

I knew Diane would be good at this.

After all that, you would’ve thought I’d’ve done 500 skwiggles each day before breakfast, but sadly not. That book took ages to read and there’s a lot of butterflies this time of year.

That’s it once again.

Out of curiosity, I checked out David Allen’s Wikipedia page, because if there was one Wikipedia page that I would expect to be 400 pages long, it would be David Allen’s. 75 years of ‘Getting Things Done’ –  to be honest I was a tiny bit disappointed.

Three books and a reprint, all on the same theme, that was it. I think I’ll write the sequel, based on 70 years of David’s 75 years, to which I will add a certain level of my own expertise.  

Enjoy your weekend.
Take care and all the best,


13 Aug 21 – Getting Organized

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