26 Nov 21 – Black Friday

Hi Everyone,

It’s BLACK FRIDAY, forget about 50% off at Amazon, 70% New Look, 200% off at…  forget about all that, we’re giving away a free car, look

Not only that, you also get a half-opened packet of Werther’s and a Gary Barlow CD in the glove compartment.  I don’t know what Gary’s doing in the glove compartment because there’s no CD player in the car.

I haven’t told Diane about this yet, but she works from home and she won’t notice her car’s gone until we’ve exchanged documents.

Today, I got out of bed at midnight in a panic to get online and do this

Forgot to add toilet rolls to today’s Tesco delivery, those fibre tablets really do work. 

But while I was there, I bought another 10 half-price Amazon Echoes from the
I don’t know what else to buy on Black Friday but feel the need to join in page.

The pressure to buy on Black Friday is immense, and my advice to you is

Give in to that urge.

Until recently, in the UK anyway, Black Friday was the last Friday before Christmas when everyone went to hospital via the pub. But now the American’s have hijacked that, and to be honest I think it’s unhealthy sitting in front of your computer all day clicking, with the old Black Friday at least you had a dance before you cracked your head on a bollard.

Help the NHS: don’t dance near bollards.

I have two daughters, so we celebrate the day after Black Friday, I call it Boohoo Saturday.

Or ‘This doesn’t fit’ Saturday.

Actually, we do celebrate Thanksgiving. My daughter was born in America, for details of that I will shameless plug the Skwiggles 2021 book. When I say ‘details’, don’t worry nothing graphic, I’m only talking about our basic medical insurance policy that we didn’t realise just catered for mild sneezing and shipping our dead bodies back to the UK.

She was an expensive baby but worth it (Christmas is coming sucking up is a requirement). So we do have a Thanksgiving celebration on the Saturday. We eat a dried up, tasteless chicken-like thing, also known as a turkey, we get the Christmas decs out, drink too much sherry and decorate the tree, look

The tree remains that way, because creativity is important and I can’t be bothered taking them all off again, until Diane gets that look in her eye around 2 Jan and they have to go immediately.

That’s it once again

Hope you enjoy your Black Friday. Diane found out about me giving away her car and she wasn’t happy, look

You may point out that I’m just using the same sketch of Diane over and over again, and you could be right, but when you know her well you will notice the subtle differences in the smile. If you ever meet her and you see this one, duck.

Have a great weekend. If you buy 2000 T-Shirts, see you tomorrow, she’s hidden the car outside number 34, see you there.

Take care and all the best,

26 Nov 21 – Black Friday

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