Skwiggles Book 2021


This book is the best of the Friday emails.

We did a survey asking whether subscribers to the email would like a book of the stories, sort of a ‘best of’, well quite a few said they would be interested so I went ahead and did it.

It’s none of the attempts to sell t-shirts, just the good stuff.

There’s 104 pages and it’s a proper book and it’s £6.50, free postage in the UK.

So if you made the terrible mistake of accidentally deleting the emails (I know you didn’t mean to) and the regret has ruined your life, it’s here, this is the book for you.
Or, if you know someone who isn’t a subscriber (are there such people out there?) and you think they might like it, again, it’s the book for you.
Or, if there’s a third reason you might like to buy it, that I can’t think of, then this is the book for you.

Thanks, and I hope you like it






Skwiggles Book 2021


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