29 Jan 21 – Lizzi

Hi Everyone,

Another week over with. I know everyone’s struggling with lockdown, but no one more so than our dog. This is a quick sketch of her outside our house just setting off on our usual walk around the block.

The standard ‘come on for god’s sake have a poo it’s raining’ walk is no longer good enough.

And when she does finally get going she has certain things she has to overcome. She doesn’t like change.

More specifically she doesn’t like transitions from one surface to another. For example, from a path to grass, from grass to tarmac, from tarmac to big fat wobbly blancmange and a million others that I can’t think of.Grass has to be thoroughly assessed for thorns or thistles before stepping into the unknown.

Puddles, after careful assessment, are deemed to made of acid. And mud is that deadly stuff Tarzan fell into all the time in the 70s.

If you haven’t been paying attention and a crisp packet strays on to the path, this often happens.

She will not walk round, if it has been categorized as unsurmountable then it’s unsurmountable.

Lockdown has been going on for so long that I can’t remember whether she’s always been as annoying as this.

I drew this picture of her once, after she’d just had a haircut, and she made me promise never to show it to anyone, but stuff it, she’s being a pain so here it is

It’s very accurate.

Although, my dog, being who she is, has demanded a right to reply after the slanderous things I said about her, so she drew this

Have a good weekend.

Take care and all the best,


29 Jan 21 – Lizzi

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